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It might seem crazy.
We’re gonna remove the screens by using them.

Do you know the idiom “if you can’t beat them, join them”?

That’s us. The internet is a powerful tool, which can free us as it can slave us. The key is in the how, not in the what.

The web is not only violent video games, retorted poses looking for impossible bodies and poorly-formed-opinion leaders. The web can serve as a complement to the real world, making our lives easier.

It’s just that.

How do we end the zombie epidemic?

Our investigation team is looking for the way to bring them back to the real world.

And no, it’s not about burning them or anything similar. Not even isolating them. We are too fond of these zombies. This is our process:

We introduce them to microclassrooms of 4 to 6 subjects

In these, we use the source of their pain as their cure. Yes, we use the screens so they can learn to make positive relationships with them. Let’s prove the development of soft skills like creativity, critical thinking, or time management.
This soft skills development is done in a personalized and gamified way. Through games, they’ll learn to be autonomous, proactive, and constant in their projects. They’ll stop grunting and walking while looking at the floor in the direction of the screen.

Coaches trained in our installations guide the sessions

Through respect to their independence and an intervention based in trust, they develop a positive and fruitful relationship with screens. Teaching the youth to make use of the full potential these have, and to autoregulate their use.
They’ll learn the benefits of the digital world: from meeting friends with common interests to discovering passions they didn’t know they had. We want to empower them to wake up, not to forcefully wake them up.

Our expert team supervises the whole process

They’ve been in other zombie apocalypses. Although they do not know everything, they are well aware of this reality. They are there supervising the coaches, planning the program and making specific interventions.
They monitor the progress of the microclassrooms to ensure that the awakening takes place. They have developed their own method using the latest strategies in psycho-pedagogy: project-based learning and its next version: challenge-based learning.

Family and/or school support

As a complement to the activities, we offer a personalized psycho-pedagogical follow-up, with a complete evaluation and a 30' monthly counseling. You will be updated on the evolution of the now-not-so-zombies at any time.
It also includes a subscription to our Newsletter.
In it we will give you psycho-pedagogical tips, proposals of activities to strengthen the bond and techniques to improve learning.

Don’t stand looking,
join the change!